June 19, 2012

Update: PRJCT#1

Our first lovely babies from PRJCT #1,
Malino T-Shirt has sold out.

But worry not, we still have Verdure Tote Bag in limited stock.
So for those of you who's still seeking for The Trees and The Wild official merchandise,
don't think twice, just spend your dime on us!


June 18, 2012


So when you think that we're not here anymore,
please consider your thoughts and let us blown you away with our come-back debut.

..Just make sure that you make yourself ready.


December 22, 2011

Exp #1: AVES EXP.

Pleasure your eyes with our experiment project.

Aves Experiment is our first experiment project and also our very first tryout on creating women's shirt with chiffon textile based on the Flamingo and Peacock patterns. 

We only produced 5 shirts and apparently we don't sell these babies.

Interested in making a collaboration project or experiment with us? 
Kindly contact us through e-mail

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October 18, 2011


Hi, People!

Don't ever get tired of us for blabbering here and there about this and that of our project. These past few months have been extremely hectic and kinda frustrating. We are still trying to catch up to unleash some stuff before the end of this year (as we promised to). Uh huh.

Hopefully we'll bring you good news by the end of this month.

Stay happy, good people!


October 16, 2011

Inspiring Artists pt.1

I am a huge fan of Brett Manning's drawings.
I love how she puts the detail on every piece of her drawings.

You can simply visit her website here.



August 20, 2011


Sorry for the lack of update, hovers and laters.
We've been extremely busy lately and haven't got the time to catch up with our latest project.

But, we do have more upcoming project and plans to launch more products. 
Probably on this last quarter of 2011.

So, stay in touch and wish us best of luck!


July 09, 2011

Upcoming Project..

Good Day, Hovers and Laters!

It's been awhile since my last post about Frantic & Mayhem: Project #1
But, worry not o dear friend..

For we have another collaboration for the upcoming project!
A collaboration not only with one artist but with TWO great artists!

Can not wait to post further details.

Behold, People!


May 19, 2011

F/M Official Merchandise for The Trees and The Wild

Hello, good people!

Kindly click the link below to place your order :)

..And we encourage you to read the terms and conditions carefully..

1. Fill the form completely according to your personal informations 
2. We'll only process the order after you transfer the full payment (complete your payment in 2 x 24 hrs
3. Email your payment receipt to: 
4. Overdue payment will automatically cancel your order 
5. Delivery will be processed after we receive the payment receipt 
6. We will process the shipping/delivery every Saturday and/or Monday
7. No Refunds and No Size Exchange 

For flash news and updates, do follow us on twitter


May 16, 2011

..And Here It Goes..

Yes, this Wednesday (May 18, 2011) we're finally going to launch our first project.

Stop saving and start spending your money, hovers and laters!

..and do follow us on twitter for the latest updates!